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The Seminars that take place within the framework of the Ibero-American Data Protection Network (RIPD) aim to meet a series of very clear objectives:

1.- To put forward and identify the most relevant issues and problems in relation to the topic being discussed at each seminar, and to try to present different solutions from a technical as well as a legal point of view from the participating countries.

2.- To provide a place for dialogue among the member countries, experts and public and private institutions deemed appropriate at each point in time, with the aim of accomplishing the purpose previously described.públicas y privadas que en cada momento se considere oportuno invitar a fin de desarrollar el objetivo anteriormente expuesto.

3.- To provide an ideal channel for the decision taking process, adoption of documents and setting of future strategies.

4.- To foster the implementation of the Fundamental Right to the Protection of Personal Data through the entities capable and enabled to urge national governments to draw regulating laws regarding this issue.

5.- To promote cooperation among institutions and dialogue between key actors for the development of initiatives and policies on data protection.